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About us

fine fabric made of wool and noble fibres

passion for fine fabric

Marzotto Tessuti is a global leader  in the production of top quality worsted wool and noble fibre fabrics for men's and women's apparel. The company is continually evolving its product portfolio in line with research developments and innovation, and stands out in particular for the specificity of the finish of its fabrics.

Passion, style and scrupulous attention to quality and design are features that best reflect a distinctly Italian product.
A certified fabric of consistent quality obtained through a monitored, integrated cycle, from direct selection and purchase of the best Australian wool through to the finished product.

A collaboration agreement with the world leader in procurement and in combing of wool and noble fibres enables Marzotto Tessuti to effectively handle every stage of the production chain: from inspection and purchase of raw materials from the major producers, that is, Australia and New Zealand, through to processing of the finished fabric ready for garment assembly.

The Product is the real mainstay of Marzotto Tessuti, the fruit of over 180 years experience in selecting raw materials, in design and in production. Company offices strategically located around the world that are in constant contact with the parent company in Valdagno, combined with the dedication and expertise of the business managers, round off our offering and enable Marzotto Tessuti to cater to all aspects of our Customers' needs.