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innovative apparel fabric

200 articles, 7000 variants

The needs of our Customer always come first.  


Our customer-focused approach is reflected in the vast range of value added exclusive services offered by Marzotto. Our customer care is evident in all aspects of our organization.

ready to needle service with high fabric testing

The experience we have gained over 180 years enables us today to control and manage every aspect of the textile production procedure, including the manual processes, with extreme precision and to supply defect-free fabric.

The ready to needle service for each single bolt enables the maker to directly fashion a garment; this streamlines the procurement process and eliminates the costly and time-consuming defect control process.

Flexible Supply Chain with preferential deliveries and lead times

A highly automated logistics hub and the continuous optimization of the processes have led to the reshaping of the Supply Chain to make it flexible and capable of providing high value-added, ad hoc services. We manage preferential deliveries and lead times by integrating a direct shipment system to garment makers, the result of strategic partnerships with our major Customers.

custom and exclusive fabrics

Through a close collaboration between our design office and that of the Customer we manage to create exclusive fabrics for our Customer's collection. We work closely with the Customer's creative team to produce a custom collection.

etichette personalizzate con il brand Marzotto Tessuti

Woven labels to enhance the value of collections, to provide details on particular performance, quality or history of the item. A plus that Marzotto offers is the possibility of creating, through special collaboration, custom labels and hangtags bearing the Marzotto Tessuti brandname especially for our Customer.


fabric testing in full compliance with international standards

The leadership in the special procedure for colour continuity - separate control, enables us to supply, over time, fabrics with identical characteristics. Controls are performed internally, at our M&S accredited Physical and Chemical Laboratories, in full compliance with international standards.