The beginning of this great story takes place in Valdagno, in a beautiful valley on the outskirts of the city of Vicenza. Marzotto Tessuti was born in 1836 when Luigi Marzotto created a small wool weaving mill with only 12 workers.

An artisanal textile workshop that, between 1894 and 1972, thanks to Gaetano Marzotto’s ingenuity and passion for innovation, would become ever more important, manifesting gradually over time into what is, and will continue to be, the core soul of the Marzotto Tessuti brand: the desire to always be one step ahead.

This is how, between 1930 and 1940, that historical and skilful textile workshop, laid the foundations for becoming one of the main national and international producers in the world, with a market share, right from the beginning, of between 40 to 50% of all exports of wool from our country.

How did we do it? Craftsmanship, technological research, quality. Values that have always been accompanied by an exclusive and personalized service, which always responds to the expectations of the market and the customers.

Wool fabrics for clothing, fine and personalized yarns for men's coats, jackets, suits and shirts. Fabrics for elegant suits, which have in their DNA 180 years of history, quality and a sense of responsibility for the environment. Functional and versatile fabrics that adapt to every need 24/7.

It is from all this that some of the collections that have changed the future were born, fabrics for men's clothing that have rewritten industry standards. Like the B-Dynamic collection that enhances comfort and freedom of movement; the Performance Suit Collection in 100% machine washable wool, one of the most innovative fabrics in history; or Ink, the fabric with a casual soul, ready for garment dyeing; and the Scudo Collection, the line of high performance wool fabrics for the outerwear world.

All the production of wool fabrics for clothing, from fresh wool for light clothes to winter creations, respects international regulations in terms of eco-sustainability, a value that for us represents an absolute responsibility. Heart-felt, concrete and authentic.

Production processes increasingly inspired by respect for nature, the territory and people. Continuous investments in the name of global sustainability, to be increasingly virtuous, for a continuous reduction in the impact on everything around us.

Rationalization of water consumption, the choice to use renewable sources, the desire to avoid waste and to recover the heat that can then be transformed into new energy, the improvement of production processes to achieve increasingly higher standards of sustainable excellence, corporate responsibility, respect for the quality of life and fundamental freedoms of animals, traceability from the beginning to the end of the supply chain.

Our vocation for environmental and social sustainability is recognized by the main international certifications.

We have always combined economic objectives with safeguarding the future, in line with an ethical business model, shared strongly by those who work with us.