FRANCO FABRELLO  - Chief Designer

An innate propensity for creativity. This is the perfect definition for Franco Fabrello, Chief Designer at Marzotto. In fact, his creative career starts from his studies when, after attending the Artistic High School, he enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture. However, he left university to start working at a graphic design studio where, given his talents, he dedicated himself to the design of fabrics for printing. It was here that his passion for textile design was born, which he approaches through studying the trends and quality checks of the fabrics. He then began working in some woollen mills, and in 1994 he was asked, by the then Chief Designer, to join the Marzotto Group, a historic company characterized by a strong heritage, but with a young and innovative spirit. Thus began his adventure in Marzotto where, for over 20 years with experience and intuition, he has been able to interpret and represent the style of the brand and lead his creative team



3 Adjectives to describe your work
FF: Four: creative, varied, stressful and never finished.

3 Adjectives to describe your passion
Adrenaline-filled, captivating, fulfilling.
FF: They are also the three states of mind before, during and after a theatrical performance.

How long have you worked for Marzotto?
FF: I have been here for 26 years, since 1994.

What is the thing here in Marzotto that gives you more energy and why? 
FF: The working group.
In Marzotto, as elsewhere, I love to do things as well as possible. I rarely manage to succeed, and I am often dissatisfied, but my job allows me to get back into the game continuously.

How long have you been involved in the theatre? How did your passion start?
FF: In the second half of my teen years in high school we organised "artistic" performances and creative photographic sets. We also wore jackets and coats inside out, went in and out of the school through the windows and asked the newsagent for non-existent monthly magazines. They were nonconformist attitudes, violations of the norms to reflect on customs and differences. Exhibitionism was involved, and for me it was a designed way to overcome shyness. Then, with two schoolmates, we had the idea of putting Collodi’s Pinocchio on stage: a character with ephemeral behaviour, without education, memory and judgement. A good and bad child, rude and kind, affectionate and cruel, without preconceptions and prejudices.
After a few years' break to organize my life, in ‘94 I started to get involved with the theatre again and managed to make my way to becoming director and president of a small amateur theatre company.

What is your biggest achievement in the theatre?
FF: We went on tour in Canada: Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. But I can’t take all the credit.

What are the aspects in common between your work and your theatrical passion?
FF: The relationship with collaborators and the team, as well as being convincing, credible, exemplary, and having to organize and plan.

What inspires your work? / What gives you most satisfaction in your job?
FF: Satisfying the need to dress that some of us have, experiencing modern life, standing out without showing off. Finishing a collection satisfies me, and this happens twice a year.

What is the starting point in the design of a fabric collection?
FF: I think about what I would like to wear, or how to dress a person, in one or several situations. I plan an adequate wardrobe and start creating.

Which of your qualities helped you most in the job and why?
FF: Sensitivity and forgetfulness. It allows me to discover things, sometimes the same and to be fascinated by them... and then reinvent them in a different way.