Marzotto is one of the 100 italian excellence sustainable companies.

Marzotto was nominated by Credit Suisse and Kon Group in the ranking of the 100 sustainable Italian companies..

Kon Group, a leading Italian operator in trade and financial consultancy for businesses, the first independent national dealer in M&A with renowned institutional partners, and Credit Suisse, one of the world’s leading banks that has been promoting sustainable investments for years and that plays a key role in supporting entrepreneurs to find new solutions for major social problems, wanted to give the Italian operating system a greater awareness of the sustainability of businesses through environmental assessment, with the rating Esq, of the areas to be implemented.

Marzotto is proud to join with the leading brands that work in a responsible perspective towards people, the planet, and the territory. This goal is a further stimulus to the company approach of continuous improvement since the future of generations will largely depend on our current choices.