De Divina Proportione

Equilibrium as a harmonious balance between shapes, colours and compositions in order to create an elegantly measured and attractive aesthetic effect. Equilibrium as the gentle harmony between trend and personality and, consequently, the perfect match between whatever one is wearing and what one's soul expresses. In a few words, equilibrium with one's self. It is a continuous rediscovery of the peaceful preciousness of the Essential and of the harmonious proportions that Marzotto takes up in presenting the new Spring/Summer 2025 collection.
The inspiration for new weaves is the De Divina Proportione, a 16th century essay by Luca Pacioli, graced by the
illustrations made by Leonardo Da Vinci: an exegesis on the ideas of proportion and harmony finding substance and
three-dimensionality in the sketches of the polyhedra of solid geometry, each one associated with one of the elements
of the Universe.