Simone Pianalto

Simone Pianalto has worked as a loom technician at Marzotto since 2000 and has been practising mountain biking since he was 14 years old.

Simone talks about his passion and work, both of which he carries out with meticulousness, determination and commitment.

3 Adjectives that describe your work
delicate, careful and sometimes complicated. The speed at which the loom moves does not allow you to see the cause of any possible problems, and therefore the solution has to be visualized.

3 Adjectives that describe your passion
Sacrifice, dedication, freedom.

How long have you worked at Marzotto?
I’ve worked here from 2000 to 2008, and then again from October 2014 to today.

What at Marzotto gives you the most energy and why?
Working for a company whose name is part of history in our territory, and elsewhere as well, is a source of pride.

What does your job involve?
I’m a loom technician. My task is to perform mechanical repairs if the loom malfunctions in order to resolve any defects in the fabrics.

How long have you been mountain biking? How did your passion start?
I started at 14. I used to go running in the mountains and to change things up a bit, I started going out on an MTB with friends, and from then on I never stopped.

What aspects of your passion (mountain biking) can you put into practice when at work? What aspects do your work and your passion have in common?
Determination: to solve some problems it takes a lot. Being meticulous: it’s all in the details, both at work and in training and taking care of the bike.

What are the best places to go mountain biking in Italy? And in Veneto?
In my opinion Livigno, around the Dolomites and anywhere in Veneto. I am lucky to live in the Vicenza area, it offers beautiful scenery and paths that are just right for training.

Which of your qualities has helped you most in the job and why?
The quality that has helped me most at work is being patient and meticulous because it is a job that requires a lot of concentration and composure.

What is the greatest result you have achieved in mountain biking?
I have participated in many competitions, even at a high level, and with good results. I was the Veneto champion, winning the Triveneto championship cycling 2 laps around Veneto, and I also got to second place in a world championship.