Workshop with CUOA Business School

Marzotto and CUOA Business School are together for the “SMED” project.

We proposed to CUOA Business School, one of the oldest Italian business schools based in Vicenza, and to Prof. Andrea Chiarini, Lean Manufacturing expert, to rethink the Marzotto production process into a lean perspective; to create a steady flow able to adapt, over time, to constantly evolving markets.

The workshop has been attended by 12 manufacturing process experts from several industries (agriculture, engineering, mechanics, paper, fashion), supported by eight Marzotto textile experts. In the projects, more than 160 operations attributed to 3 specific phases (unloading, loading and preparation of the article change on Picanol looms) have been traced. During the workshop, the participants proposed improvements in the rationalization of the analyzed production processes, these solutions will be implemented and tested in the next few weeks to evaluate their effectiveness in terms of exploiting resources and reducing costs by decreasing waste.

The SMED project has been an excellent opportunity for internal and external discussion, giving us the possibility of reviewing the industrial processes aimed at promoting creative solutions directed to change and growing improvement.