Inspired by the most contemporary concept of comfort, intended as freedom of movement, breathability and adaptability. Produced in 100% wool, super stretch both in weft and warp, this collection adapts to the various needs of men and women who are constantly in movement from gala evenings to business meetings, to free time, B-Dynamic+ offers an impeccable style, with its anti-crease performance becoming an expression of extreme functionality and true well-being.

Appreciate its performance


By absorbing moisture and returning it to the environment, the wool ensures high breathability and a constant feeling of dryness and freshness over time, leaving your garments feeling as if they’ve just been put on, even by the end of the day.


The thermoregulation capacity of our fabrics takes shape from the intrinsic structure of the wool fibre which, thanks to its hygroscopic nature, allows it to expel internal humidity while simultaneously acting as a barrier to any external humidity, for warm garments in the winter and cool ones in the Summer.


Only a high resilience fabric can respond effectively to everyday stresses. We have redesigned the natural properties of wool obtaining a fabric that, after many uses, perfectly returns to its original form.


The natural bi-stretch method gives the fabrics superior elasticity in both directions, warp and weft. The treatment has an effect on the yarn and the fabric while still maintaining the natural breathability of the wool.


Comfort and innovation dictate the guidelines of every single phase of the process, from the selection of raw materials to the technological design of the yarn, and from advanced dyeing and finishing treatments to the construction of the fabric.