Homespun Philosophy

Homespun Philosophy

This collection evokes the intimacy of a feeling of comfort, of familiarity and of “hand-made” that belongs to the place we live in. The protrusions and natural imperfections found in Homespun Philosophy fabrics evoke the pleasure of crafstmanship, while the feel and look of their textures is mellow, lovable and relaxing.

Appreciate its performance


By absorbing moisture and returning it to the environment, the wool ensures high breathability and a constant feeling of dryness and freshness over time, leaving your garments feeling as if they’ve just been put on, even by the end of the day.


The thermoregulation capacity of our fabrics takes shape from the intrinsic structure of the wool fibre which, thanks to its hygroscopic nature, allows it to expel internal humidity while simultaneously acting as a barrier to any external humidity, for warm garments in the winter and cool ones in the Summer.


Unique fabrics with a handmade aspect created with special natural yarns that are imperfect by nature. Every fabric looks different and has its own identity: nothing’s repeatable. This fabric characteristic gives value to the purest aspect of yarns and to unique traits, exactly as if they were handcrafted.

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