Rock Party

Rock Party

Rock Party expresses a striking elegance, that loves to stand out with its lively personality. In this collection, suits become the protagonists of beautiful clothing, confirming their modern and decisive character. Fabrics that are compact and resilient, opaque and glossy, with substantial weights, weaves and finishes that express the beauty of an elegance that is decidedly outside the box.

Appreciate its performance


By absorbing moisture and returning it to the environment, the wool ensures high breathability and a constant feeling of dryness and freshness over time, leaving your garments feeling as if they’ve just been put on, even by the end of the day.


The thermoregulation capacity of our fabrics takes shape from the intrinsic structure of the wool fibre which, thanks to its hygroscopic nature, allows it to expel internal humidity while simultaneously acting as a barrier to any external humidity, for warm garments in the winter and cool ones in the Summer.


The encounter between tradition and innovation. Fabrics developed by studying and carefully rereading more than 2,000 samples, books, prints and designs from the Marzotto historical archives.

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