Excellence, quality and craftsmanship of fabrics with an ethical and innovative soul. Extensive manufacturing knowledge, the ability to reinvent oneself, the authentic passion with which each challenge is overcome. These are the values that have written our story; a story which has always had as its protagonists: society, people and the environment.




Almost 200 years of work and untiring passion, as well as love for the precious raw materials and the development of technologies used in the production of fabrics for clothing, which are always in line with the new lifestyles, comfort and style needs of the contemporary man.


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Our mission has always been to improve at all levels, from the careful selection of raw materials to the last little gear in the supply chain. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that, over the years, has taken us to icon status in the world of fabrics.


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At Marzotto, the production of luxurious fabrics and sustainability are unique. A valuable production mechanism cannot ignore the sense of responsibility towards people, the territory and the community. At the heart of our philosophy is the aspiration for continuous improvement because only like this can we leave behind a better world for future generations.


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Indelible audio-video and print content, unforgettable ‘stories and commercials' that have contributed to promoting the reputation of the Marzotto brand. Memories revisited and re-edited, testimonies and collections dedicated to the general public that went on air between the 1950s and late 1970s.


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Solidarity and attention to the territory have always guided our choices. Thanks to this awareness, we have created numerous projects and collaborations with third sector organisations: universities, associations and social cooperatives with which we share work and training schemes aimed at creating concrete professional opportunities.


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