Marzotto has always been careful to social commitment and equal opportunities. For this reason we support the Quid project which reads fragility not as a limit but as a starting point offering professional opportunities to those seeking a new beginning.

Marzotto supports the Quid Project, a new fashion brand of Made in Italy finest fabrics, made by people with a troubled past.


Founded by the social cooperative Quid, the Quid Project is an ethical fashion brand that offers employment and career growth opportunity to disadvantaged people – women in particular – who struggle to enter the job market in Italy.


To compete in the national job market through Italian fashion, one of the most appreciated worldwide, the Quid Project aims at creating a new perception of ethical fashion: all collections are limited edition and made out of production waste collected locally.


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Marzotto is mindful of the importance of training in facilitating the continuous integration of young people within the company. Marzotto is committed to ensuring that talented young people have a range of career development opportunities, with personalized training programmes.




The recent graduates programme was created in 2010 in order to introduce young people to the production divisions of the Marzotto Group through a training course on the industrial facilities, production processes and organizational dynamics of all the companies of the Group.

In 2013, the programme started addressing young people with commercial aspirations on an annual basis in order to develop strategic areas for the company.

The programme selects European creative talents to participate in a training course at the Marzotto Style Office.

The young talents selected within these programs can then attend the 'Marzotto Textile Academy', a comprehensive higher education course. The lectures at the 'Marzotto Textile Academy' are held by the best teachers from different areas in the textile business, including finance, negotiation, marketing. Additionally, various soft skills development courses are organized. 


'Weaving the Future' is a study program born from a collaboration between Marzotto and the V.E. Marzotto - L. Luzzatti Valdagno Institute of Higher Education, aimed at promoting textiles education, and, more generally, the industrial profession. Marzotto has also created 'Il Laboratorio' [The Laboratory], an innovative space within the company where students can learn the secrets of the textile world and can experiment with the latest generation looms for the preparation and weaving of textiles and cutting-edge CAD software. In the laboratory, students have the opportunity to learn more about real industrial processes, with both theoretical and practical lessons given by the best professionals in the sector.


Marzotto has always been attentive to the future of young people and promotes a range of training activities covering the entire educational cycle, with alternating school and work training experiences and educational visits to the wool mill.