At Marzotto we create fabrics with a responsible attitude towards people, the territory and the community. A moral corporate responsibility supported by continuous investments in order to gradually reduce our impact on the environment. Sustainability is a choice, which we put into practice every day.



All of Marzotto’s management, environmental and product certifications testify to their respect for workers, transparency of the production chain, traceability of fabrics and the protection of animal welfare. At Marzotto, the whole supply chain is compliant to the most rigorous standards of international excellence.


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The environment at Marzotto is a guiding value protected by responsible choices, from the raw materials to the finished product, and their disposal. This is why we promote energy and water saving policies, use eco-compatible products, activate production processes with reduced environmental impact and raise awareness of the eco-sustainable ethics of employees, suppliers and partners.


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Marzotto means wool and luxurious fabrics, which are traceable from the first to the last phase of the production process. The monitoring of suppliers and partners always ensures guaranteed traceability through an extremely rigorous and efficient system of control and transparency of the product.


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At Marzotto we guarantee equal opportunities, respecting the fundamental rights of workers and protecting health and safety at work. Since 1836, people have been at the centre of our social responsibility system, which involves not only collaborators and employees, but also their families. .


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