The “Fashion Sustainability Manager”

Marzotto is proud to support the first ITS course in “Fashion Sustainability Manager” in collaboration with ITS Cosmo Academy.

“We have joined this initiative with great enthusiasm, we believe that being sustainable is a necessary condition for maintaining the competitiveness of Italian companies in the world. It requires significant changes that have an impact on the entire supply chain, often requiring a radical and sudden change of people mentality.
Open the doors of the various local companies to young students, allow them to understand the management logic from the inside, makes them know the production processes in-depth, and identify ways to reduce their environmental and social impact. We perceive that is the most effective way to build new transversal and high-quality professional figures, who will guide our companies into the future. ” Davide Favrin, CEO of Marzotto Group. The 26 students selected will live for two years inside Marzotto Campus in Valdagno. It will be an incredible opportunity to share Marzotto Group vision about people, territory, and sustainability with the new generations.