Marzotto and the fabric digitalization.

Adopting the Industry 4.0 technologies makes companies more competitive, faster, and more flexible in responding to the markets thanks to digital control of production processes and real-time interventions to reduce mistakes, waste, and rejects. Furthermore, the pandemic caused by Covid19 and the consequent suspension of production and commercial activities, and the cancellation of events of global importance have underlined the fundamental importance for the textile-fashion sector to exploit the digital challenge to respond more quickly to the needs of stakeholders. In particular, brands are increasingly asking for a reduction in fabric production times, especially when designing exclusive items.

For Marzotto, research and development combined with digitalization play a fundamental role, leading to investment in innovation processes in the textile sector and adopting continuous transformation capable of facing new challenges.
To respond quickly to the customers’ needs, Marzotto has developed an innovative co-design system through a careful study of the solutions available on the market.

The collaboration with Color Digital (DMIx © Cloud), X-Rite, Eizo, Penelope, coordinated by the IT team and the designer department of Marzotto, has made it possible to achieve significant progress. Digital innovation has led to a decrease in the time needed to design the proposal and approve exclusive fabrics, which went from 4-5 weeks to 2-4 days. Furthermore, it has allowed a 90% reduction in the number of exclusive specimens framed with consequent greater sustainability due to the drop of production waste, a decrease in the consumption of raw materials, and production efficiency. Textile digitization will guarantee a better service to customers in prototyping times, and response to all their needs.

This successful result is the future of the textile sector, a complete evolution that looks at costs and times and that is progressively facing a more sustainable world. Click the link to download the case-study .