Coraline: Marzotto in collaboration with Naba in Milano

The European Green Deal, theAction Plan for the Circular Economy (CEAP) and the European Industrial Strategy identify the textile industry as a priority sector to be converted to the circular economy by shaping the concept of circular fashion, which begins and ends with recycling of textile waste and it’s based on the idea of ​​a self-regenerating economy. It’s actually a certainty that fashion sustainability must be largely promoted in this context to reduce the environmental impact of its sector.

Faithful to its considerable attention to sustainability, recognized by the main certifying agencies, and to its sensitivity in supporting young talents, the aim of Marzotto is to develop collaboration networks with schools and institutions to ensure that business needs urgently find a response from the world of education. We therefore try to integrate the desire to give a second life to production waste to the support to young students, by providing them with fabric cuts and stocks for the creation of innovative projects.

In this perspective, a collaboration has been signed with the NABA of Milan, the Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti, the main private academy in Italy, which offers training courses in fashion, graphics and design based on cornerstones such as research, development, training and innovation.
An Academy student, Rebecca, to whom we supplied our fabrics, has presented a completely green capsule named “Coraline” with which she has been selected to participate in the AltaRoma 2022 fashion show: an outreach project made with fabrics and materials from deadstock, regenerated or recovered, which wants to personify eating disorders and to sustain all the people suffering from them.