Monica Stocchero

Dedication, commitment and willingness to always test yourself. Monica Stocchero started working for Marzotto in 2018, first in the warping department and today in customer service.

Her passion for skiing, instilled in her by her father, began at the age of three and continued until she became a ski mountaineering instructor in the Italian army. For her, working at Marzotto is like reaching a new peak every day, a constant commitment that can always bring great satisfaction.

How would you describe your work?
It is an exercise in memory that requires concentration and experience; stimulating and chaotic!

3 Adjectives to describe your passion?
Freedom, Silence, Serenity.

How long have you worked for Marzotto?
A year and a half (since August 2018)

What here in Marzotto gives you the most energy and why? 
Seeing commitment, dedication and determination paid off.

How long have you been ski mountaineering? How did your passion start?
I have been practising ski mountaineering for 10 years now. I have always loved the discipline of skiing that was instilled in me by my dad since I was a child. I began to appreciate the “uphill” part of ski mountaineering when I realized that the descent was the reward after the physical effort.

What are the aspects in common between your work and your passion?
It is not always easy to reach the top, and you do not always find the right snow coming downhill… but when you come home, after a beautiful and difficult day of ski mountaineering, you have twice the satisfaction! Perhaps this is the part that most resembles my job: it is not always easy and things don’t always happen automatically, but it is when we are faced with problems and solve them that we have the greatest satisfactions in the workplace.

What are the best places to go skiing in Italy? And in Veneto?
I don’t have a favourite place. I am of the opinion that it is not the place that makes the excursion beautiful, it’s your frame of mind on the day, the company, the snow and of course the weather! However, if I had to rate the best skiing I have done, I would have to mention the Ahrntal Valley in South Tyrol and the area above Santa Caterina in Valfurva in Lombardy. And then, the mountains at home are always the mountains at home.

What gives you most satisfaction in your job?
The precision and attention it requires, characteristics which I know I still have to work on a lot. And another thing, which surprises me and helps me to understand how much I like it, is that the hours fly by quickly.

Which of your qualities has helped you most in the job and why? 
It is still early to understand; I still have a lot to learn. So far I can say the commitment, the lack of fear in asking what I don’t know and the way in which I keep my thoughts straight.

What is the greatest result you have achieved in your passion?
On a personal level, the satisfaction of going up the Gran Paradiso from the valley to the top in one day.

What are the difficulties of your job? And your passion? How do you overcome them?
As far as work is concerned, it requires memory and a lot of concentration. As far as ski mountaineering is concerned, perhaps the greatest difficulty is knowing how to evaluate the dangerous conditions (avalanches, slips, etc.). I believe that for both, the most important thing to overcome difficulties is a good dose of humility. For one, it’s knowing how to ask for help; for the other, it’s knowing how to take a step back.