Knowledge and experience developed in over 180 years of working activity; technology knowhow applied to fabric manufacturing to keep pace with new trends.


Always respectful of the environment and people.


Back in the 19th Century, Luigi Marzotto founds a small wool weaving factory in Valdagno, in a valley not so far from the city of Vicenza, that employs 12 workers. It is the beginning of our successful history.


With 200 workers, 80 machines and handlooms, we turn a small craft business into a great company, as we focus more and more on the future and beyond the national market.

1866  |  MUTUAL AID

At the time, we are already inspired by modern concepts of ethical conduct. Indeed, the first Mutual Organization for craftsmen and workers was founded in Valdagno.


Innovation is changing our country's economy, all sectors are being industrialized and even our company mechanizes the weaving processes by investing in steam turbines.


It begins the planning and building of the weaving factory in Maglio, near Valdagno, run by Vittorio Emanuele Marzotto. At the time, the Italian industry is still stuck with carded yarn, whilst we start working on the combed yarn.


In 1890 our interest in expanding abroad leads us to export industrial yarns to the Danube-Balkan region, and afterwards to South America as well.


With further investments and 12 new hydropower plants, we start a continuous production cycle, from the bale to the finished fabric. 

1922 |  GAETANO JR

The period of time between 1894 and 1972 represents the beginning of a new Era. Run by Gaetano Marzotto, a true pioneer with a great passion for innovative technologies, our company confirms its natural tendency to be always one step ahead. 

1927  |  THE TRAIN

With the railways network covering most of Italy, thus changing forever our country's economy and society, we decide to build our own “corporate railway system” to eliminate distances, to facilitate our workforce and travel fast towards the future.


1931  |  3759 WORKERS

We become a multinational leading company in Italy and worldwide. The number of workers we employ increases constantly, and so does the value of our brand.

1940  |  THE DECADE

Between 1930 and 1940 we become the national leading manufacturer of yarns and fabrics, accounting for 40%/50% of the Italian wool export, and in particular of the worsted fabrics exported worldwide to the major markets.


We are more than just a company, we are industry: we invest in the economies of Italian colonies, in the “Social City” - districts and houses for our workers – and we invest in cultural, entertaining and sport activities.


We create more than 1000 accommodations for 4/5000 people, recreational clubs for workers, music schools, the kindergarden, the orphanage, the health center, the retirement home, the stadium with capacity of 5.000 people, the movie theater, gyms, the student dorm, the olympic pool. A society dedicated to labor and welfare for each person and family, an environment centered on people's wellbeing.


At the beginning of the 50s we become a fashion brand: not just yarns and fabrics, but also a brand of clothing. Our glorious slogan: “I usually wear Marzotto”.  



in the 60s we establish the Marzotto Award and the Marzotto Foudation. At the same time we start modernizing our corporate, strategy and organizational assets by creating international independent departments.

1994  |  STRETCH

We launch one of the most innovative fabrics in the history of men clothing, the Stretch, and soon after the Natural Stretch, a futuristic fabric that exalts and emphasizes the elastic features of the wool, which creates an unprecedented feeling of comfort. Premium quality weaving obtained thanks to our technology and constant investments in R&S.


2002  | 100% WATERPROOF WOOL

Once again we look ahead and invest in research, as we introduce a groundbreaking washing machine-resistant wool fabric: an innovative solution to everyday needs.



Progress, future, new trends. In 2010 we create the Collection Scudo: wool fabrics paired with highly performant membranes to deliver a luxury, elegant and functional outerwear.


New goals, new accomplishments. We develop a vertical supply chain by acquiring shares of Pettinatura di Verrone, world leading company in fine fibers processing.



Thanks to our close partnership with Schneider Australia and Schneider New Zealand, we are able to control the whole production line – from farm to fabric – and guarantee the full traceability of the product.



Today same as yesterday, we keep growing by investing in the future and in the values that have made our inner soul so special: innovation, premium quality, untiring passion. 180 years of work, skills and knowhow applied to fabrics, always respectful of the environment and people.