At Marzotto, the use of sustainable raw materials has always been one of our strengths: Organic Project collection demonstrates our commitment to protecting the biodiversity present in the territory, the welfare of animals and to sensitize all the protagonists of the production process.

For all its characteristics, Organic Project Collection is now the protagonist of an important partnership between Marzotto and Progetto Quid, ethical and sustainable fashion brand among the winners of the latest Green Carpet Fashion Awards.

The partnership, called Intervallo, is a capsule collection consisting of two limited-edition trousers made with Marzotto Organic Project fabrics and by women with a problematic past. The trousers will be available in 3 shops of Progetto Quid (Milan, Genoa and Verona) and in their web site.

The iconic originality of these garments is emphasized by the contrast of the details inside the trouser waist and pockets obtained from Progetto Quid surplus printed fabrics and by the imperceptible differences presents in all the Marzotto fabrics. These characteristics testify the ethics and the sensitive work behind the careful recovery of very high-quality fabrics, for a super limited-edition collaboration.

Intervallo tells a story of a suspended time, between one act and another of life, where dreams and ideas are transformed, through the hands of expert workers, into small and large creations. The ethics of the project has been finally signed by the label chosen for Intervallo: a sheep between two brackets recalls both the theme of wool and the flock of sheep, an icon, inspired by the Italian program “Intervallo Rai,” while the heart next to it represents the ethics of both Marzotto fabrics and the Quid Project itself.