"A world tour that opens the mind, fills the eyes and shortens distances" Cristina Valli, Biella Master XXIX Edition.

The "Biella Master of Noble Fibers" is a 13-month

post-graduate course sponsored by Marzotto and other textile-fashion companies. The students alternate theoretical and practical trainings, studying in-depth the peculiarities of each process of the supply chain.

The goal of the master is to train managers and teach them the entire textile-clothing supply chain from the selection of the raw material to the distribution strategies.

For this 29th edition, Marzotto has followed the five selected students, Luca Panetti, Elisa Porcu, Claudia Sanna, Cristina Valli and Stefania Ventura in their journey around the world to discover the best and most innovative fibers, crossing North and South America, Peru, Japan, and China.

During the trip, the young talents tested in all weather conditions the innovative multi-layer fabric of the SCUDO collection with which they made parkas by the social cooperative Progetto Quid.


You can follow the whole itinerary of the guys in the Biella Master Blog.