Wool only, Dima Leu

“At Marzotto we take great pride in supporting new talents. It was a great pleasure for us to support Dima Leu on this journey. Dima is a young designer who showed a unique ability to reinterpret and honour our fabrics with a contemporary feel. Our heritage and our efforts in research and develop- ment of improved/new fibres have found new fulfilment through his creative experimentations“
Paolo Vazzoler, Marzotto Textiles’s B.U. Director

The collection evolves around Dima Leu’s research on wool fabrics and represents his tribute to what he believes the most “primordial, human, and resilient fabric”. The designer’s interest in wool and its possibilities results from the encounter with the classic archive fabrics of the Marzotto’ Forniture Civili repository, the company’s uniform supplies archives. The collaboration with Marzotto allowed Leu to learn more about the different structures and weights of the fabrics produced by the textile group for civil use and to get access to unedited colour palettes. The opportunity lights in the designer a desire to develop an entire collection from wool and to experiment around its possibilities across a whole wardrobe’s categories. The entire second release is indeed conceived from a reinterpretation of inedited raw materials manufactured according to traditional techniques and equipped with quality and structure made to last beyond merely transitory fashion trends.

With the intent to celebrate the collaboration with Marzotto and tribute the archive, WOOL ONLY, the fashion film directed by Mihael Kacic, is set in the group’s historic manufacturing headquarters in Valdagno, and shot among the operating warping machinery. The aisles between the creels become main catwalk for the collection with the intent to recontextualize the final garments right where the fabric saw its inception.

“Yarns create infinite lines that flow in a continuum of movements through time, absorbing the best of each era in an infinite path. The collection is intentionally presented inside the historic Marzotto Mill, a place that is intertwined with the past and that offers new opportunities for the future” Dima Leu.

The fashion movie WOOL ONLY was presented on Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana’s digital platform during the Milan Fashion week on 2021 February the 25th.