Marzotto with Istituto Superiore Marzotto-Luzzati

According to Euratex, the European confederation of textiles and clothing, within 2030, European textile companies will need 600 thousand new experts to replace retirements and respond to the demand for new professional profiles. For this reason, academic knowledge and skills need an implementation through the vision of production processes and business realities.

In this context, Marzotto hosted the textile and fashion students of the Marzotto Luzzati Higher Education Institute in Valdagno for some workshops to expand their preparation in the textile sector.

The activity consisted of days of explanations about the company’s structure and production, during which they discussed the development of the collections, the functioning of the Penelope textile CAD, and the students had the opportunity to do some tests of weaving on their designs (made with the textile CAD).

The project was an opportunity for Marzotto’s internal and external discussion and an occasion to express again the company’s interest in supporting initiatives to the new generations. A heartfelt thanks to all the Marzotto team who contributed to the success of this training course.