Moreno Menti

Dexterity, rhythm, attention to the smallest details and an engaging smile are Moreno Menti’s characteristics.

Born in Valdagno on 16th May 1992, he expresses all his vitality and light-heartedness through the drums.

3 Adjectives to describe your work
Precise, demanding, thoughtful

3 Adjectives to describe your passion
Fun, Spontaneous, Carefree

How long have you worked for Marzotto?
I have been working at Marzotto for four years.

What is the thing here in Marzotto that gives you more energy and why?  
The thing that gives me the most energy here at Marzotto is teamwork and communication with my colleagues, thanks to which we work better and in harmony.

What do you do in your job?
In my job I have to load and unload looms, meaning the preparation of the loom for the finished product (production, samples…)

How long have you been playing? How did your passion start?
I’ve been playing the drums and percussion since I was 11 years old. My passion was born out of listening to the Gods of Rock (Guns n ‘Roses, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, AC / DC…) without forgetting the Sound and the energy of Funk (Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Tower Of Power)

What is the aspect of your passion (drums) that you can put into practice when you work? What are the aspects in common between your work and your passion?
The aspect of my passion that I can find in my work is the precision and timing of the deliveries. Of course, in my work I find the rhythm and the “sound/noise” of the drums.

What is your band called? What kind of music do you play? 
My two bands are: Power Fly and Sthereo. Power Fly: We try our hand at cover songs revisited in an Irish key with banjo, guitar, double bass, violin, percussion, singers and backing vocals. Each single component brings something unique. Sthereo: A band characterized by the originality of its Italian Pop pieces. Like any pop band you respect, it is composed of an electric bass, drums, electric and acoustic guitar, and a beautiful raspy voice.

What is your favorite song?
My absolute favorite song is: Awake my Soul (Mumford & Sons), a very emotional song with deep lyrics, which make you think.

Where can we listen to you?
On Spotify, the album is called “Travel Companions” by Sthereo and in my opinion the best song is “What’s wrong”.