Sunday 3 February 1957, 20:50 the first episode of "Carosello" is broadcast, with the first four commercials on Italian television.

Carosello - which in Italian literally means tournament, parade of knights, a spectacular combat - arose from RAI's need to introduce a space devoted to advertising in the Italian television schedule. This was unheard-of at the time; a new and original idea: sketches, comedy and entertainment which would attract audience attention and then lead it to the presentation of a product at the end of the episode.

For the next twenty years, Carosello held a mirror to social change in the Italy of the economic boom and was able to condition choices and the purchase of non-essential products.

From the late 50s to the end of the 70s, Marzotto was part of the Carosello story, with numerous TV ads which narrated the customs and innovations of menswear during that period.

An ongoing evolution, with the coming of off-the-peg garments, new fabric technologies and unmistakable styles that characterised the tastes and personalities of the man of the age, for whom Marzotto was - and still is - a mouthpiece all over the world. A valuable legacy for the future.


(made in 1955-1959)


Made by the Italian director, editor and screenwriter Carlo Alberto Chiesa (Turin 1920 - Forte dei Marmi 1960), this film narrates every phase of textile production and includes previously-unseen footage of the Valdagno factory of the period.