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Franco Fabrello: the journey of art from fabric to theater.

An innate propensity for creativity. This is the perfect definition for Franco Fabrello, Chief Designer at Marzotto.

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Simone Pianalto

Simone Pianalto has worked as a loom technician at Marzotto since 2000 and has been practising mountain biking since he was 14 years old. Simone talks about his passion and work, both of which he carries out with meticulousness, determination and commitment.

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Samanta Dal Cengio

Just as she’s meticulous and skilful in making fabrics even more perfect, she’s also very talented at recreating the perfect light in a painting. Samanta has worked at Marzotto for 26 years, first in the mending department and then in weaving in quality control.

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Mirto Visonà

Mirto Visonà has worked for Marzotto since 1995 in quality control. Over these twenty-five years, he’s given his full commitment and developed a strong bond with the territory, while all the time continuing to climb.

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Monica Stocchero

Dedication, commitment and willingness to always test yourself. Monica Stocchero started working for Marzotto in 2018, first in the warping department and today in customer service.

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Moreno Menti

Dexterity, rhythm, attention to the smallest details and an engaging smile are Moreno Menti’s characteristics.

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Workshop with CUOA Business School

We proposed to CUOA Business School, one of the oldest Italian business schools based in Vicenza, and to Prof. Andrea Chiarini, Lean Manufacturing expert, to rethink the Marzotto production process into a lean perspective; to create a steady flow able to adapt, over time, to constantly evolving markets.

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Coraline: Marzotto in collaboration with Naba in Milano

The European Green Deal, the Action Plan for the Circular Economy (CEAP) and the European Industrial Strategy identify the textile industry as a priority sector to be converted to the circular economy by shaping the concept of circular fashion, which begins and ends with recycling of textile waste and it’s based on the idea of ​​a self-regenerating economy. It’s actually a certainty that fashion sustainability must be largely promoted in this context to reduce the environmental impact of its sector.

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Marzotto and the Clean Fashion Project

People are our most important value, so we promote formation activities because the made-in Italy fashion and textiles need increasingly specialized figures, who today are difficult to find.

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Marzotto with Istituto Superiore Marzotto-Luzzati

According to Euratex, the European confederation of textiles and clothing, within 2030, European textile companies will need 600 thousand new experts to replace retirements and respond to the demand for new professional profiles.

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