For many years, Marzotto has been a leader in the adoption of highly innovative technologies to guarantee constant control of production processes, with particular attention to energy saving and environmental impact. 


The 29th edition of Milano Unica has been be the perfect stage for presenting a further step forward in the digital transformation that has characterized the company for a long time. In collaboration with Sense – Immaterial Reality, Marzotto has created “Marzotto Immaterial Fabrics”, a digital fabric presentation project.


A new experience, a new concept of interaction between manufacturer and customer, which will allow Marzotto, at the end of the project, to quickly interact by simulating the physical characteristics and appearance of the real fabric.

Thanks to the partnership between Marzotto and Sense – Immaterial Reality, the company will be able, using the specific Immaterial and Virtual Reality app, to visualize the effect of the fabric on various types of garments and to choose the best alternative, speeding up and optimizing time and resources.


SENSE – Immaterial Reality will offer the public at Milano Unica a new emotional experience that blends a physical environment and intangible objects: these objects react to light, shade, touch, gravity and breath.


Although the project is still at the prototyping stage, it may prove to be an innovation for the textile sector, allowing for process optimization and a concrete sustainability policy towards the environment.